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I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. When I was fourteen years old, my grandfather gave me my first 35mm Russian film camera. It was called a "Zenit"—and I still own it. This gift started my passion for photography—and it also led to lots of sleepless nights developing film and pictures.


In 1992, I moved to Los Angeles and left photography alone for almost 10 years. And then my father gave me my first digital Sony 2.1Mp camera, and my love and passion for photography was reborn. I enrolled in a number of art and photography classes, but the truth is, I’m a self-taught photographer with experience in many different fields, including fashion, editorial, events, and product photography, to name few. I believe that it’s this hands-on experience that’s given me a broader vision for shoots and an ability to be flexible in different lighting and production situations.


At heart, I don’t believe it’s my education or experience that makes my pictures stand out. I believe it’s the fourteen-year-old in me, the passionate kid who loves his camera and is always looking to capture the perfect image.


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GBK productions | The Reunion Parties | Rusangeles | Taraji P. Henson/ Birthday Party by Ciroc | Cazadores Pallet at The VIP Lounge in Gibson Teather | Brandon Vestal from Last Comedian Standing | California Pottery and Tile Works | Focus Magazine | Los Angeles Magazine | Doeuk and Jones | Romp London | Pascwal Movad | Carell Augustus Photography | DJ Jordan | DJ Rider | Yougneek | GabrielleAlexandra | LA-Architect | PRWeb/MilesTheMonkey | Trueheartevents | Flywatch | Wolfhardt | Burlo School of Gymnastics